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Energy therapies
Personal and Spiritual development

Intuit - introspect - act


Tailored to suit individual needs using integrated tools from my unique practical experience after many years of practicing and teaching multiple systems of Reiki & Egyptian healing systems which I call Soul’s Ki (Soul’s Energy), combined with HNLP Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology, which is also offered as a standalone approach. Sessions range from wonderful, relaxing, non verbal energy transfer. To coaching sessions oriented towards solutions by challenging negative and destructive tendencies/beliefs/behaviours. Promoting learning by growing the intuitive facility to identify stress and transform inner and outer experiences into positive and constructive ones.


This is a microsystem which treats all aspects of the body and mind via the ears. Before treatment the procedure, and relevant health and safety is explained. Treatment is administered after consent, in a seated position by placement of needles or without needles using press magnets or acupressure on a combination of five points on each ear. Time is then allowed for process and relaxation before needles, if used, are removed. Suggestions are given for aftercare. Treatments promote homeostasis, awareness, and wholing.


Unique services melded with conventional property managment.

Inspection and inventory including photos.

Spiritual cleansing and clearing, especially useful when moving, or for spaces where there is a sense of negativity, or there has been a build up over time from trauma. Popular with counselling/ psychotherapy rooms and centres.

Please note that this is not a conventional cleaning, clearing, or removal service.

Find, explore, and enjoy, the best
intuitive solutions
for all your personal and spiritual needs

Reach new heights through developing intuition (inner teaching).

Life provides opportunities for growth through challenges. Often the relief of suffering comes by meeting these challenges intelligently, using common sense, and exercising our birthright to grow and expand through education and experience.

Intuitive Heights provides unique approaches to support and the relief of suffering. Helping development, acceptance and understanding of life, ourselves, and others.

For the serious seeker of enlightenment, useful tools can take many forms and come from different philosophical and practical approaches. It’s key to choose the right approach or combination, then develop through renunciation, purification, dedication, devotion, and discipline.



Are you stressed, angry, confused, anxious, uncertain, fearful, stuck in negative cycles, overthinking, or just lazy when it comes to your self?

Do you find it hard to love yourself or others?

Do you need to know yourself? To individuate and separate your identity from stereotypes, or, your perceived role and responsibilities?

Do your judgements or expectations often lead you into conflict, disbelief, despair, dissapointment, or dim your view of humanity?

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you’re running into the same obstacles over and over again?

Do you need to establish quality time to rest, recuperate and unwind?

Change underpins most aspects of life, and work. How we deal with change, make decisions, our network, education, resources, and creativity are all important factors.

Big changes sometimes bring big challenges. Illness, accidents, injuries, the need to care for or support a loved one, unexpected loss, are just some examples. Recently Covid has not only created difficulties due to the periods of lockdown, but there are ongoing changes to our lifestyles and the way that we work. In a society which is heavily biased towards employers, employees needs for care and wellbeing are often overlooked. For many people forced to keep pushing ahead there is a need for support, help to process internal experiences and trauma.

HNLP will help you to explore, and potentially change your internal maps, images, representations, and feelings. Join me to find ways to tap into your intuition and creativity, acheive success, truly understand positivity and experience inner peace.

Unique property management services

Unique space clearing services melding my experience and knowledge of energy therapy with my experience of property management. You could think of it as a balancing treatment for your property!

Whether you are a property service, estate agent, counselling service, or private individual, as a property owner, or someone who leases or rents property, it is essential that you know about your property and any related issues.

As a property manager, I also do inventory, inspection, and provide reports, including photographs.


Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what my clients say:

Michael has an amazing gift and will leave you feeling completely rebalanced as he treats both on an emotional and spiritual level.

I always walk away from a session feeling restored and very positive

Thank you Michael


Working with Michael in the drug and alcohol sector was a pleasure. He was always professional, warm and approachable and had an amazing knack of building instant rapport with clients.

The level of service offered was exceptional and our clients always gave glowing feedback.

Being a team player, he frequently offered to go the extra mile as and when required and brought good ideas to the team.

I fully endorse Michael as an expert in his field and wish him the best in all his endeavours.

Avtar Gill

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Michael back in 2009, when I first went into Recovery. I was attending a structured day programme with EACH and Michael facilitated a couple of the sessions there.

I particularly looked forward to Michael’s sessions, there was just something special about how he spoke to us. What really stands out is how he inspired me, his knowledge of well-being and how his approach just resonated with me. He always had something to say that would challenge my thinking, and I honestly believe I’ve got him to thank for where I am today. He played a significant part in me starting to really discover who I am, and inspired me to follow a path of self discovery. I now practice and teach meditation and I’m a Reiki Practitioner thanks to Michael. My curiosity and thirst for a holistic approach to life, recovery, and well-being, is all thanks to Michael.

Even to today when I’m asked who I look up to, or who has had a positive impact on my life, who has inspired me, Michael is one of the first people that comes to mind. I’ll always be grateful for the impact Michael has had on my life.

Matthew Johnstone