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Energy therapies. Personal and Spiritual development

About Energy Therapy

Confidentiality is important and can be assumed in one to one contact. In some cases I may ask your consent to liase with other healthcare individuals. If I am treating you within an organisation which is primarily responsible for your care, I may write brief handover notes or give a verbal handover to another professional managing your care. Confidentiality does not apply in any case where a child may be at risk, or where there is a serious risk of life. Consultation comes before treatment, on initial contact you may be asked to fill out some forms, and, or sign consent. Your details and my own confidential notes are kept in accordance with data protection law.

Soul’s Energy (Ki). Treatments may be seated or laying down, usually on a massage table. The recipient remains fully clothed (please wear comfortable clothing). There is usually a gentle laying of hands, on, near, or above areas of the body. Energy sessions provide supported relaxation, stress reduction, symptom relief, supporting the body’s natural healing mechanisms and balance (homeostasis).

Common effects include sensations of heat from my hands, in some cases there can be other sensations such as coolness, pins and needles, some involuntary movements. Changes in internal states of awareness, deep relaxation, colours or images. On some occasions there may seem to be nothing happening at all.

There are also distant healing techniques both local and non local which can be facilitated without physical contact. Indeed due to the transpersonal effects, very little needs to be said or discussed, which may be particularly useful if you are unable to sufficiently verbalise a predicament, or if you are overwhelmed, or in shock.

With online sessions, or sessions oriented towards personal and spiritual development. The primary goal is to identify the root causes of issues and bring them into intuitive awareness. There can be great value in then exploring the meanings of inner experience either directly or indirectly. Everyone is unique, however most will be able to identify problematic areas or emotions. These are the ones which may benefit from support, or a fresh set of ideas or approaches.

It’s important to realise that seeing or understanding an issue, even having valuable insights will still leave you with personal responsibility for growth or progression (learning/practicing).

Auricular Acupuncture. The organs and systems of the body are treat via the selection of a combination of 5 points on the ears. Contra indications include women in the first trimester of pregnancy. With needling if there is haemophilia or use of blood thinning medication. Non needle alternatives may be offered. I work with recovery from addictions but only with clients who are clean i.e maintaining abstinence. Sobriety is the goal for treatment outcomes. Written consent applies to some treatments. Lastly all sessions are offered as complementary to allopathic care, not as an alternative to conventional medical care.

There may be latent effects. Suggestions are made for aftercare.

It’s important to find the right fit, so I suggest a brief chat where you can ask questions and let me know your concern. Click here to book your brief consultation via zoom.