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About Michael

Energy therapies. Personal and Spiritual development

While sitting in Psychic Circle in 1993 my awareness of my natural ability as a healer was highlighted.  I quickly recognised that people would open up to me, in all kinds of settings, and express matters of personal concern, often commenting that they felt at ease and didn’t undertake the same depth of conversation with anyone else in their lives.  This stimulated my natural curiosity in wholistic perspectives and I began to explore many sources of popular psychology, psychic phenomenon, and complementary therapies, as well as cultural and religious viewpoints and world philosophies.

Intuition is at the core of personal and spiritual development, leading to self mastery. What I bring via, energy healing systems, coaching, and the development of transpersonal techniques and understanding is a pragmatic framework and structure to understand life experiences, growth and change. My focus is, support, relief of suffering, empowerment, development of intuition. To help people and to raise consciousness.

As we face unique issues in these challenging times. It’s important to face those challenges with the appropriate tools. Innovative, intuitive, creative tools, which acknowledge and grow our facility and the understanding of our spiritual nature.

From my spiritual nature. I need all the help I can give. Therefore I offer tools which complement the unique challenges faced by those who feel the need for more than conventional healthcare.

I breathe the Unity of Spirit