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Unique property services

Energy therapies. Personal and Spiritual development

Following 18 years of working as an Energy Therapist, providing sessional groups,and youth work, in a variety of settings for a variety of services, changes in funding meant that I needed to find alternative work. I was given an opportunity to work as a property manager, which I did for a few years, with a portfolio of properties with the West and North West London areas, as well as Slough, Hayes and Uxbridge. With wonderful support throughout within a small company I gained valuable insights and direction. Naturally I experienced working with private property owners, other property agencies and estate agents, local authorities, tenants, and a variety of tradesmen, electrictrcians, and gas engineers. While working I managed to obtain a diploma in residential property letting and management.

Now I have returned to Energy work and I am also working in a unique way with property management.

I was able to hit the ground running as a property manager with no previous experience. I naturally had appropriate transferable skills, effective communication, conflict resolution, as well as a propensity to identify and resolve issues and a willingness to learn.

My unique offering is space clearing/cleansing (not cleaning or removals). The service is generic, based on energy, however it can be tailored to suit a particular spiritual perspective. Space clearing is not a new practice, however it’s not often found commercially. It allows me to blend my knowledge and experience of energy work with that of property management.

I suggest the best time is after any repairs, renovations, refurbishment, decoration and cleaning has been done, or after traumatic experiences such as break ups, or bereavment. Space clearing can also be done in occupied residencies and, if appropriate suggestions can be given. Particularly helpful after difficult tenants have vacated a property, or been evicted, or in therapy rooms where there is inevitably a build up of psychospiritual/transpersonal energy which needs to be neutralised, cleared, and a new energy invoked.

I can also do an inspection/ inventory report and take photos, in line with regular property management services.

If you are interested, please contact me via email , alternatively you can make a booking