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Energy therapies. Personal and Spiritual development

Michael Bissessar is one of my favourite ever Master Students.

If you are ever looking for a Reiki/Sekhem Powerhouse in London. Michael is your Man

Simon Treselyan

I give people their Magic back and prove that perception is not necessarily the truth. My Mission is to create as much irreversible positive change in Society as I can within my lifetime.

Specialties: Author/ Speaker/ Expert; Film Production; Book Publisher; Peak Performance Mentor; Strategic Planner; Writers’ Coach; Special Forces Intelligence Commander.


Michael has a deep, well informed Knowlege & awareness of psychology; energy psychology; & consciousness studies.

His awareness is truly holistic.

Michael is strongly individualistic, yet deeply compassionate.

Paul Margrie

Transpersonal Psychotherapist

‘I have worked with Michael for the past 20 years and he has been my number one go to when it comes to energy work and advice. I feel very lucky to have him as my Reiki teacher and overall guide. 

Michael is a trustworthy and respectable professional with the deepest understanding and knowledge of what it means to be a healer.

He is a truly gifted individual with integrity and truth at his core’.

Sofia K

Michael is not only acutely perceptive but also keenly intelligent. He has great compassion and warmth yet not at the expense of academic rigour.

I have been moved and inspired by the calmness with which he works with some of the most challenging of clients, including those on probationary orders with histories of violence and severe addictions. He has a flair for gently helping his clients to believe in themselves and make changes for the better.

I feel priviledged to have worked alongside him co-facilitating therapeutic sessions and observing him work within a number of different settings.

I have no hesitation in fully recommending Michael to any insitution or environment.

D Henley

Psychotherapist and trainer.

Michael has an amazing gift and will leave you feeling completely rebalanced as he treats both on an emotional and spiritual level.

I always walked away from a session feeling restored and very positive.

Thank you Michael


Working with Michael in the drug and alcohol sector was a pleasure.  

He was always professional, warm and approachable and had an amazing knack of building instant rapport with clients.  

The level of service offered was exceptional and our clients always gave glowing feedback.

Being a team player, he frequently offered to go the extra mile as and when required and brought good ideas to the team.

I fully endorse Michael as an expert in his field and wish him the best in all his endeavours.

Avtar Gill


Youth work – Michael has experience of facilitating groups for young people aged 13-19 running weekly sessions on a range of subjects: sexual health, anger management, effective communication, drug and alcohol awareness, offending behaviour, and victim awareness.

Michael has a calm manner while holding consistent discipline and group boundaries. He forms good relationships with clients and works in an integrative and transpersonal way, working with directive material and open discussion.

Michael gets good feedback from the young people who participate who report that he promotes positive values, personal responsibility, self awareness and thoughtfulness.

He has a good appreciation of street culture and language as well as issues affecting growth through adolescence.

His contribution has been greatly valued by all the team at the Brent Youth Offending Service.

K Jones

Young persons group co-ordinator/ Counsellor

As a student – Inspite of considerable knowledge and experience as a therapist and a teacher, Michael is open to new concepts and willing to explore other approaches to familiar techniques. He quickly grasps a subject and is thorough in his learning. He is respectfully challenging and my skill as a teacher was enhanced by our interaction.

As a teacher – Michael is an excellent teacher. He communicates his subject with ease, giving the student a feeling of confidence. The nature of energy work means that a student may find themselves exploring aspects of their being which are difficult and deep emotions can suface. I found Michael to be an effective listener, able to assist me in finding my own answers and move forward in a positive direction of my choosing.

I have observed that Michael naturally puts people at their ease. He maintains confidentiality and I trust him completely.

I have no hesitation in recommending Michael to prospective clients or students.

Leonie Clark

Reiki and Sekhem Teacher

I have known Michael Bissessar from April 2004 to present, and for a period of 18 years in the capacity of complimentary therapist and group facilitator.

Throughout this time, he has shown initiative and willingness to take on challenges to meet the needs of the client groups and improve service delivery.

Michael is warm and personable and has shown empathy and sensitivity to the needs of his clients and colleagues. His communication skills are excellent.

He has always taken responsibility for maintaining good standards, and towards the development of relevant service delivery.

He is able to maintain appropriate boundaries and his professionalism is excellent.

Michael has a sound understanding of theoretical models and his therapeutic skills are excellent. He has demonstrated leadership skills in this role through facilitating not only the groups but individual sessions.

He is reliable, committed, and passionate about his work.

Madhuri Lokhande

Clinical Psychologist

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Michael back in 2009, when I first went into Recovery. I was attending a structured day programme with EACH and Michael facilitated a couple of the weekly sessions there.

I particularly looked forward to Michael’s sessions, there was just something special about how he spoke to us.

What really stands out is how he inspired me, his knowledge of well-being and how his approach just resonated with me. He always had something to say that would challenge my thinking, and I honestly believe I’ve got him to thank for where I am today.

He played a significant part in me starting to really discover who I am, and inspired me to follow a path of self discovery.

I now practice and teach meditation thanks to Michael, I’m a Reiki Practitioner thanks to Michael, my curiosity and thirst for a holistic approach to recovery and well-being is all thanks to Michael.

Even to today when I’m asked who I look up to, or who has had a positive impact on my life, who has inspired me, Michael is one of the first people that comes to mind. I’ll always be grateful for the impact Michael has had on my life.

Matthew Johnstone